Install Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2

1) register and download the special Windows 10 image Download linnk:

2) Follow this guide: Enjoy! 🙂

If you don’t have Windows 10 you can install Win10 to rapsb2 from windows 7, check this workaround: = SCAM HYP

I decided to make this post to avoid people be scamed by this site, there isn’t enough reviews, they say they are a trading and mining company and promote a profit up to 1,5%/mo but, after 1 month they never paid.

The site continue up and running after the complain of many users, so this post is a WARNING.

If you need more information and proof leave a comment.

Sites reporting the scam:

CentOS 5 en Microsoft Azure

Si bien la mejor alternativa en escalabilidad y disponibilidad para sitios en producción es Azure Web Apps llega un punto en donde puede ser necesario gestionar varios sitios y en donde la costumbre al tan afamado CPanel es una ventaja para no necesitar casi nada de mantenimiento.

Entre las alternativas “on the fly” que nos ofrece azure tenemos a los chicos de Bitnami, ellos proveen un conjunto de vms con distintos software pre instalado, entre ellos hay un paquete LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) con setup por defecto enfocados en la seguridad pero que al momento de gestionar varios sites hay que dedicarle su tiempo en comparacion con cpanel.

Cpanel y WHM usan por defecto CentOS el cual no está disponible en Azure pero Microsoft permite publicar y usar ésta y otra gran cantidad de VMs desde VM Depot una nueva comunidad de Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

Windows Azure:

In a new project with .NET backend, Android plataform need some client app, i followed the default  guideline from Azure Dashboard for an existing androiod app but won’t work with the error: Error while processing request. and 404  HTTP  error code

After checking the URL of the mobile service and internet connection for the device i saw the error, the getting started tutorial for an existing android app refers to Item class but in the deployed service the name is TodoItem instead


The solution with the fixed names where you can check the base file:

Google authenticator para Windows Phone (two factor auth)

With the explosion of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (want to buy some? send me a message with the form at the end of this post!) a lot of great plataforms comes to light to help other in the exchange process, and make it more secure and easy.

Singup in some site i started using 2FA (two factor authentication), i ear about it before, but never used until now.

I have a Windows Phone as main device with support of other devices for my mobile projects.

Using i activated my account and setup 2FA  but in the process they say that Windows Phone isn’t included…

So i started digging and found this app:

Works perfect, and it’s an official app from Microsoft!




test link

Remote Desktop stopped working after some Windows 8.1 update

That’s all, Remote Desktop just stop working!


turned out the network mode changed to public after the upgrade. I changed it to private and it works once again. To do this mouse over to the right of the screen and click the “Settings” charm, click “Change PC settings”, “Network”, “Connections”, then select your network connection. Now turn on the the switch under “Find device and content”. That’s it!




Jquery value autocomplete issue

So, if you are using a input field with autocomplete=”off” and tried tot POST with ajax the value using the name selector and never it’s sended the solution it’s to reference by id.

My html

 <input type="email" class="form-control" id="email" name="email" placeholder="Email" autocomplete="off">


 jQuery("input[name='email']").val(), OR    jQuery("input[name=email]").val(),

Use instead 

jQuery("input["@email").val(), instead