Lost your srt? Stellar.org -> BX.IN.TH gKxWHv76WFSaEohhtuX3u2iWrfYGxZJXx9

I just loose a lot of STR, instead of making a simple post i decide to channel the fury writing this post.

EDITED: the exchange it’s BX.IN.TH and not justcoin, im apologize, but not becouse they have a terrible security  response time in this situation, that must change.

Chapter 0: The resume

An stellar account that wasn’t been used (bad passowrd, my GF) was hacked a minute later of recieving 100k STR and the amount sended to the wallet of BX.IN.TH.

Chapter 1: The history

I just lost 100k.

It’s hard, in the first minute you notice you smash your head thinking how you loose 100k.

I was trading since friday, buying and selling with a lot of people in this forum and in facebook groups like:



I was one of the first users in this forum (you can see my user id its 351).

So this history its real….

I was trading since friday 1st. Helping some friend to make some money, helping the growing stellars economy inviting some frinds.

That day i asked to my girldfriend to create an account for her, and to invite more people to join becouse “this has future” i say.

Today, i was having  amess checking my account balance in stellar becouse i was trading with money of tow more friends, so i decide to separate my stellars to other account to only have the happy tree friends trading str.

I was the only one using my account, my friends just give me some money and i trade.

When i decide to separate the balance ask ti my gf the account username, she doesn’t do any other thing other of sharing some str from the initial give away and send her the 100k.

I continue trading, and then i see the browser tab and saw that the last 100k recieved now the amount was in 54.

This is the history of teh stellar ccount of my gf


As you can see, the time between she recieve the str and sended to that wallet was ONE MINUTE.

When i saw that, i looked up the hash and see that is from BX.IN.TH gKxWHv76WFSaEohhtuX3u2iWrfYGxZJXx9.

Chapter 2: The responsability


The cause of the incident was a weak password, my gf uses as example:

username: xyz

password: xyz123

When i figure out this i made a triple face falm myself…


I know that i wil not have any chance of the stellar staff to get the amount back, but they (stellar.org) can implement 2FA.

Chapter 3:  The Hope

BX.IN.TH exchange!! i thinked in that moment… they can freeze an account if detect ilegal activity

Write an email hours later (first i made a mistake becouse i believe that the wallet was from justcoin…)

Status: waiting response

Chapter 4: The lesson

Strong password, i know and you can bet my GF knows too

How to change your password in stellar.org?
Don’t look in your dashboard, first logout, then go to the login page and after the login button you will se the “Lost username or lost password” links, folow the lost password , type your email verification key, and change your password.

Chapter 5: Happy ending?

Im watingin an answer from BX…

I will be updating this post with the timming of support response in all the sides, at this moment nobody says nothing.

Edit 1: if the incident involve justcoin (wich not becouse i made a mistake and the exchange is BX) they respond the security email almost 12hs later asking to contacto support@justcoin.com (i first wrote to security@justcoin.com), so, for now, go to supoort@justcoin.com instead security@justcoin.com

Any feedback it’s welcome.

If this post it’s deleted you can find me in my blog: http://nanomo.wordpress.com
Facebok, twiter and stellar account: nanomo

Google authenticator para Windows Phone (two factor auth)

With the explosion of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (want to buy some? send me a message with the form at the end of this post!) a lot of great plataforms comes to light to help other in the exchange process, and make it more secure and easy.

Singup in some site i started using 2FA (two factor authentication), i ear about it before, but never used until now.

I have a Windows Phone as main device with support of other devices for my mobile projects.

Using bitstamp.net i activated my account and setup 2FA  but in the process they say that Windows Phone isn’t included…

So i started digging and found this app:


Works perfect, and it’s an official app from Microsoft!




test link

Remote Desktop stopped working after some Windows 8.1 update

That’s all, Remote Desktop just stop working!


turned out the network mode changed to public after the upgrade. I changed it to private and it works once again. To do this mouse over to the right of the screen and click the “Settings” charm, click “Change PC settings”, “Network”, “Connections”, then select your network connection. Now turn on the the switch under “Find device and content”. That’s it!




Jquery value autocomplete issue

So, if you are using a input field with autocomplete=”off” and tried tot POST with ajax the value using the name selector and never it’s sended the solution it’s to reference by id.

My html

 <input type="email" class="form-control" id="email" name="email" placeholder="Email" autocomplete="off">


 jQuery("input[name='email']").val(), OR    jQuery("input[name=email]").val(),

Use instead 

jQuery("input["@email").val(), instead


Si sos de Infraestructura ponete al día con Microsoft IT Pro!

Si trabajas con productos de Microsoft y necesitás migrar o simplemente querés aprender sobre lo último en infraestructura podés empezar con los siguientes productos ya mismo!

En complemento, no te olvides de visitar www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com para encontrar cursos que sean de tu interés en el área.

De Project Siena al Windows Store!

Originalmente publicado en /r/Geeks by @jRodrigoPuca:

En este post conoceremos los pasos para instalar una aplicación de Microsoft Project Siena en nuestra PC y crear el archivo de subida a la Tienda de Windows (Windows Store).

Instalar nuestra aplicación

Ya sea para compartir nuestro proyecto o bien para tenerlo instalado en nuestra PC, debemos exportar nuestro proyecto de Siena.

1) Para empezar seleccionaremos la opción ‘Publish':

Screenshot (1003)

2) Elegimos el nombre, el icono para nuestra aplicación, y luego clic en ‘Publish’

Screenshot (1004)3) Y luego seleccionamos la carpeta en donde queremos tener los archivos generados

Screenshot (1005)

Screenshot (1006)

4) Al exportar nuestro proyecto nos genera una carpeta llamada ‘PublishPackage’ con los datos de la aplicación y un instalable. Para instalar la aplicación ejecutamos con permisos de administrador al ‘InstallApp.exe’ y seleccionamos ‘Install on this PC’

Screenshot (1007)

Screenshot (1008)

Screenshot (1009)

Llevando la aplicación al Store

Luego de instalar la aplicación en nuestra PC y comprobar que su funcionamiento sea el esperado.. podremos estar dispuestos a llevar nuestra…

Ver original 124 palabras más

Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC iso – offline

Al día de hoy no hay disponible en MSDN una iso con la última actualización de VS 2013 , mas concretamente “Update 2 RC” la cual permite el desarrollo de “Universal Apps” si no sabes que es podés pasarte por este post: Microsoft Universal Apps

El procedimiento sirve desde los updates offline de VS 2012 por suerte para vs 2013 sigue aplicando :)

Si te toca actualizar VS 2013 en mas de un equipo o quieres tener el update a mano para compartir sigue estos pasos:

1) baja el web installer de VS 2013 Update 2 RC desde http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42307

2) abre una consola de comandos e inicia el web installer con el parámetro /layout

3) se abrirá el webinstaller y te pedirá una ruta a una carpeta, selecciona una vacia en una unidad que tenga 4gb libres

4) comenzará la descarga del Update 2 RC y todos los archivos irán a la carpeta seleccionada


Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC offline installation

5) al terminar la descarga, ingresar a la carpeta y ejecutar el archivo “VS2013.2 RC.exe” y podrás actualizar VS 2013 :)


6) copias la carpeta a un pendrive y puedes actualizar mas equipos sin necesidad de volver a bajar el update!